Dancing Triangles Park
11 March 2006

The “dancing triangles” park is located in a Shanghai Pudong area that is currently under crazy urban development. Its surroundings are mixed with left-over village houses, wholesale construction material warehouses, small factories and new housing compounds. The park is built by the famous developer Vanke as a central public space for the housing communities rising around it.

Like most of the new urban developments in China, the communities and supportive urban functions are separated by wide roads in this area. Immediately adjacent to the park there is going to be a Carrefour Shopping Centre, an elementary school, a community concert hall, and three different housing compounds. Even the site of the park is severely divided by two major crossing roads into four parts. Therefore the first intuition was to create a network that could help holding the dispersed parts and the community functions together. The dancing triangles works as elements that create sense of movement in the landscape, in the meantime functions as a strong central mark for the neighborhood(mainly for young city dwellers) ever since people start to see the first dancing triangle hundreds of meters away.

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