Rizhao Community Art Center 日照社区艺术中心
08 October 2023


Community Art Center, Rizhao


The city of Rizhao is located on the sunny coast of the Yellow Sea in the Province of Shandong. The Art Centre provides a cultural centre for the local community as part of a new public infrastructure in a resort with other public buildings and residential districts.


The ensemble is embedded in a hilly landscape with a small lake and makes reference to it with its curved form. The construction system consists of a curved mesh of concrete beams that support the upper part of the building on three corners. The upper storey is closed to the outside and forms a labyrinthine interior landscape along with trapezoidal courtyards and spaces. The accessible roof provides a view of the landscape.


The three-dimensionally shaped ground floor opens up to all sides with lenticular cut-outs. The sculptural space is also used for film or theatre presentations. Exhibition spaces that are delimited from one another by structurally necessary building elements are located on the underground level.


The interleaving of open and closed spaces and the concentration that results from the delimiting and opening-up of perspectives give rise to a fascinating composition between architecture and landscape.



社区艺术中心镶嵌在一片坡地景观中,旁边有一个小湖,建筑在剖面上以起伏的姿态呼应了周围的大地形态。建筑的结构系统由弯曲的混凝土梁网组成,建筑物的上层部分由平面上三个角落的结构锚固于底层的混凝土坡上。 上层与外界封闭,其交叉的混凝土梁网将空间自然分割成梯形的小空间,室内与室外交错,形成迷宫般的园林景观空间。 在无障碍屋顶上可欣赏风景。







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