Hangzhou Xiao Feng & Song Ren Art Museum
01 June 2018

Zhang Ke, ZAO/standardarchitecture  

The museum for the work of the painter Xiao Feng is located a few kilometres to the south of the famous West Lake, at the foot of Daci Mountain in Hang­zhou. The plan of the building is based on the idea of a central garden, with a strong sense of inwardness reflecting a character that is key to traditional Chinese intellectual gardens. The layout naturally follows the site boundary and forms a linear circulation route through the exhibition spaces. Alongside the winding gallery spaces on the outside edge, a series of projecting rec­tangular rooms face inwards to provide views of the garden and, in some cases, also views towards the mountains at the back. The roof of the building was designed to generate a sense of layering and movement in the land­scape. The organic volume rises gradually at the front to form an entryway to the garden, where the main entrance of the building is hidden behind trees and bamboo groves. Thus the museum becomes a part of the landscape and enhances the feeling of being in nature.

Architects: ZAO/standardarchitecture  
Principal-in-charge: Zhang Ke
Project team: Zhang Ke, Roberto Caputo, Dai Haifei, Margret Domko, Joao Dias Pereira, Sofya Chebotareva, Wang Liying, Zhang Mingming, Fang Shujun, Farzad Lee, Huang Tanyu, Heeyoung Pyun, Nathalie Frankowski, Brian Lee, Ziyue Liu, Ao Ikegami  
Consultant: Tongji Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd.  
Program: Art Museum
Structural system: Concrete  
Major materials: Concrete, Cement Fiber Prestressed Plate, Glass  
Site area: 3942㎡
Building area (footprint area): 1160㎡
Total floor area: 1298㎡

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